Access control

3 ways to control access to your home

Increase your home security by installing access control equipment in your home. DiO offers different technical solutions to secure and manage access to your home. You’ll be able to see and communicate directly with your visitors from a distance, open your doors/gates, and install or replace your doorbells easily and without hassle.

A connected doorbell

A videophone

Wireless chimes

Discover DiO solutions to control access to your home

Connected doorbell

Answer your visitors from your smartphone with via this wireless installation.

Single/multi-apartment videophones

See who is ringing at your home, answer via a screen.

What can you associate with a connected doorbell or the VDP-B02 videophone?

A wireless chime

To add second chime anywhere in the house

A DiO gate/door module

To open your gates to your visitors with the DiO One application.

An outdoor plug

To illuminate your outdooor lights

DiO One* to control access to your home remotely

More security

See who’s at your door

Receive your parcels remotely

Give instructions to delivery drivers remotely

Simulate a presence

Speark with your visitors via your smartphone. Turn on a light via the app to simulate presence.

*Except for specific products that work with the DiO Cam+ application