Plugs, lighting & thermal comfort

  Plugs, lighting & thermal comfort

Control all your lights and electrical appliances individually, centrally or automatically according to your needs. Discover our connected products and accessories enabling you to control your lights at home with a remote control, a smartphone or by  voice.

What would you like to do with your lighting?

Control my lights remotely

Discover DiO solutions to control your smart home by voice.

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Create a 2-way switch

Découvrez nos kits et modules DiO pour rajouter un va et vient.

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Déplacer un interrupteur facilement

Découvrez les solutions DiO pour modifier l’emplacement d’un interrupteur sans être un(e) expert(e) en électricité.

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Eteindre à la voix l'ensemble de la maison

Découvrez les solutions DiO pour piloter votre smart home à la voix.

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What would you like to do with your lighting? 

Discover all our connected plugs for local and remote control.

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Discover our DiO kits and modules. See selection

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Change the location of a light switch without electrical expertise.

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Discover DiO solutions to control your smart home by voice.  See selection

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Control your lights with dio recepteurs  and emitters

Which DiO emitter would you like to use to control your lighting?

Remote control

Control your lights with the remote control of your choice.

Motion detectors

Automate your lighting and secure your home with a motion detector.

Controlable switches

Create a two way switch


Transform a classic switch into a connected switch.


Control all your lights wherever you are with the DiO One app.

Which DiO receiver would you like to control?

Connected Plug

Control your lamps and electrical appliances locally and remotely.

Ceiling light modules

Control your ceiling lights with a remote control.

Light switches

Control your switches locally and remotely.

New – Rev-Shutter.

Lightbulb socket

Control your lights and bulbs from your sofa.

Control your lights remotely via the DiO One application

The DiO Connect range combines 433MHz radio frequency and Wi-Fi technologies enabling you to easily control your lights with your smartphone or tablet.

Control your lights and plugs

Control all your lights and/or electrical appliances individually, centrally and automatically.

Check from a distance

Check the status of your lights and electrical appliances wherever you are on your smartphone. 

Simulate a presence

Program your lights and electrical appliances to simulate presence in your home.


No additional boxes or hubs are needed to control your DiO Connect devices.