DiO solutions for your exterior

What do you want to control in your garden?

The DiO ecosystem also includes an outdoor range to complement your indoor ecosystem. You can centralise your outdoor lights with a remote control but also pair them with a motion detector. This will allow you to have an automatic triggering of your lights when you walk outside.

Because the DiO ecosystem is multioperable and multi-controllable, you can also pair a darkness detector with your DiO roller shutters.

Which type of receiver would you like to use to command your garden or pool?

Outdoor lights/sockets

Control your garden lights and outdoor electrical appliances by connecting them into DiO sockets.

Stores/Pool covers

Discover Rev-Shutter, the connected shutter switch to control your shutters and awnings.

Control your garden with DiO emitters

Remote control

Change the ambient lighting in your garden.

Motion detectors

Illuminate your outdoor lights when movement is detected.

Light switch

Illuminate your terrace automatically at dusk.