DiO shutters and accessories

DiO shutters and accessories

Discover DiO’s solutions for your shutters doors

DiO enables you to centralize and program the opening and closing of your shutters remotely with a remote control, a connected shutter switch, your smartphone or even your voice. You can also control your windows with a DiO remote and a selection of our videophones.

3 solutions for your shutters and gates & doors

Control & centralize your shutters locally

Control your shutters remotely/by voice

Control a gate/garage door

Control your shutters, gates and garage doors with a DiO emitter

A DiO remote

Control your shutters with a DiO 1.0 remote control

A connected doorbell

Open your gates to your visitors from Diobell (via the DiO One app)

Or a with your smartphone/Tablet

The DiO One app allows you to control your shutters and openings wherever you are!

Which DiO receiver would you like to control?

Electric shutters

Control your electric shutters wirelessly by adding a DiO 1.0 module to your existing system.

Connected electric shutters

Discover Rev-Shutter. Control your shutters from home with a remote control or from anywhere with a smartphone/using your voice.

Electric shutters

Control your electric shutters wirelessly by adding a DiO connect micro module to your  existing shutter switch.

Gate/door modules

Discover the DiO modules to control the opening and closing of your gates, garage doors and electrical door mechanisms.

Distance de transmission de 150 mètres

Protection IP44

Control your shutters and windows remotely via the DiO One application

Control your electric shutters and gates remotely

Lower your shutters in hot weather. Open your gate for remote deliveries.


Check remotely to see if your shutters are open/closed 

Program your shutters

Automatically open and close your shutters to save time. Program your shutters in line with you schedule or the weather.

No box/hub

No additional box or hub is required.