Mini DiO 1.0 remote controlled plug

Prise extérieure DiO 1.0

Mini DiO 1.0 waterproof and remote-controllable plug


Control your outdoor lighting and electrical appliances.


Why install an outdoor socket?

Control your sockets with a remote control

Control your lights and electronic devices with a DiO 1.0 remote control with a range of 50 metres.


Its IP44 protection rating protects against solid objects and splashing water, allowing you to create outdoor lighting environments..

Créer des ambiances

Sa protection IP44 protège contre les corps solides et les projections d’eau vous permettant de créer des ambiances lumineuses extérieures.

Controlled irrigation

Activate your watering pump remotely with a DiO remote control.


50 meter range

For electrical appliances up to 3500W


IP44 Protection